Created by Kathryn Cooke & Shilpa Rajbahak,
Branford High School, Branford, CT
Calle13 "Latinoamerica"

Human Rights in the Southern Cone: Spotlight on Argentina

Unit 1 Human Rights_ lessons I-IV: focus on current events, human rights, history-overview of the Dirty War, photography.

Unit 2 Freedom_ lessons I-III: focus on censorship, exile, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and literature.

Unit 3 The Repressed and the Repressors_lessons I-III: focus on history, politics, literature

Unit 4 Truth and Justice_lessons I-III: Focus on history, politics, primary source documents

Unit 5 Crime Wave in the Southern Cone:Focus on declassified documents, international political affairs, political cartoon study
Unit 6 Memory is a Verb: Focus on concluding activities: activist art, collective memory, healing from trauma, legacy of the Dirty War, political cartoons, street art