The Legacy
Alfonsin,Raul - President
Elected president of Argentina (1983-89) that restored civilian rule. Worked to identify perpetrators and bring their crimes to justice.

Kirchner,Néstor President
Public officer following the restore of democracy (1983) rising to become a successful governor of Santa Cruz. Became President of Argentina in 2003 and held the position through 2007.

Menem,Carlos President
President of Argentina from 1989-1999 and helped open up Argentina to the world. Publicly aligned the nation with the United States, offered to help United Nations, moved away from statism-populism, and opened up the economy.

Rico, Aldo (carapintada)
Led the carapintadas in an armed uprising against president Alfonsín in 1987.



Rico, Aldo (carapintada)
Parque de la Memoria, Buenas Aires

National Security Archive
Full Stop Law/ Ley de punto final
The law mandated the end of investigation and prosecution of people accused of political violence during the dictatorship and up to the restoration of democratic rule on 10 December 1983. It was passed on 24 December 1986, after only a 3-week debate- .. Its text is very short; it has seven articles. Article No. 5 excepts from the application of the law the cases of identity forgery and forced disappearance of minors.
Alfonsin President

Law of Due Obedience/ Ley de obedience debida
Ley de Obediencia Debida (Law of Due Obedience), passed in 1987, which exempted subordinates from prosecution when they were carrying out orders. Both laws were repealed by the National Congress in 2003.

National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons(Spanish:Comisión Nacional sobre la Desaparición de Personas, CONADEP)

Nunca Mas
(HIJOS in English: Sons and Daughters for Identity and Justice Against Oblivion and Silence).

Truth Commissons

Escrache is the name given in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Spain[2] to a type of demonstration in which a group of activists go to the homes or workplaces of those whom they want to condemn and publicly humiliate in order to influence decision makers and governments into a certain course of action. This term was born in Argentina in 1995 and has since spread to other Spanish-speaking countries.