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NPR Alt.Latino Lays Out A Sonic Altar For Dia De Los Muertos October 30, 2014
Jasmine: "Mexico has grappled with a lot of violence in the last decade— about 70,000 people have died in the drug war, and this year it's gotten

very gruesome very quickly. In the state of Guerrero, 43 students have

gone missing; they were headed to a protest, the police picked them up,

and they just went missing. ... I was headed to cover a protest in Mexico City

— thousands turned out to protest the disappearance of these students —and as I was headed to this protest, I ran across this graffiti that was really
impacting. It said, 'Todos los días son Día de Muertos en Mexico,' or
'Every day is Day of the Dead in Mexico today.' For me, as an outsider,
as an Argentine, it's eerily reminiscent of our dictatorship: People just
vanish, and you don't even know how to mourn them. And that's why
I picked this next song. It's about people disappearing, just vanishing into thin air.
NPR- Alt Latino Nov. 2 http://www.npr.org/blogs/altlatino/ ( start at 3:15)


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